See what is coming next & valentine’s Promos

Hell-o, darklings! Hope all of you have started 2018 in great style! Do you use to make plans for the year ahead or resolutions? Do you make wishes?

I usually make wishes and some planning/strategy. So now I have several things in motion to bring some projects to life. Here are some of them:

– Pere Lachaise – The Art of The French Cemetery (as announced on the Gothic Beauty article is under production, and if all goes as planned, will be published this late Spring.

– As Black As Ice (As Cold As Thorns, book#2) is being written, edited, and beta read, all at the same time and also scheduled for late Spring/Summer publishing. My dear newsletter subscribers will have access to a free e-book copy when this title is out!

– YouTube channel, almost there! I planned to launch it this month… It won’t be possible. But stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, and you may have a surprise! 😉

– An idea for a free story in video format. I’ve been dreaming about making an illustrated book for adults, narrating a girl’s nightmare and most recently, I’ve been asking myself what it would look (and sound) like it was made in video format. How would you, as a fan of books, like such a project? Let me know your opinion. I’d like to publish it later this year, around Autumn.

– New Gothic novel ideas – I have now several ideas for new illustrated gothic novels, which I hope to start writing this year and publish from the next year on. They will be within the subgenres Steampunk, Traditional Gothic and Urban Gothic. I will share more with you in time.

So, hope you have a brilliant year ahead, with much love, great ideas and creations and much success on your endeavours. Thank you for your support! 🙂



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Thank you for your support & Happy Holidays!

So how is your December rush going? Do you have special plans for the holiday season? How do you celebrate Christmas and New Year?

For me, November and December have been very busy! As most of you  know, I write, edit and publish on my free time, which means I have a day job to help paying the bills. What do I do for a living? I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer, and I have been doing mostly Fantasy book covers for indie authors and publishing houses for the past 6 years (and before that, I did graphic design for different forms of advertisement in the heavy metal/alternative music niche). And for the past one and a half year I have also worked as art teacher at the local school.

Read more

I have just been featured at Gothic Beauty Magazine – and Happy Halloween!!!

Good morning, darklings! Hope all of you have started your week in a great dark mood! 😉 Halloween and The Day of The Dead are in the air… And I am evilly happy in sharing with you a great news!

Something that means a great lot to me, a huge milestone: my books and I have been featured at the awesome Gothic Beauty Magazine! Read more

It’s Friday 13th and here is a little Classic Horror drawing

After years doing digital work, I am rekindling with ink and paper. As an artist, it is important that I do studies in both digital and traditional media and I have basically abandoned the last part for a while.

This week, however, after months trying to reconnect with my roots, I finally found the motivation and right mindset to do that. Read more

Happy birthday, Human Voices!

Clare Diston from UK does the editing for my books and her company, Human Voices, is now 2 years old! We celebrate it with an inspiring article, giving insights of freelancing life. Looking to start freelancing editing, writing, cover design and so on? Read this article first!

Human Voices | Clare Diston

As of the 1st of October, Human Voices – as a full-time venture – is now 2 years old!

Human Voices has been officially up and running since October 2011, and almost 4 years to the day after I started the business, I quit my job to become a full-time freelancer. This has been my only job for 2 years now, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

To celebrate, I made the most garish cake I could think of:

business birthday 2017

Of course, birthdays are a pretty good time for reflection, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned since I’ve been in business:

  • If you do a good job, clients will come back. It might take a few months or a few years (the latter especially if you’re dealing with people who write novels), but if you make a good impression your clients will remember you and they…

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Working on ‘As Black As Ice’ the sequel and final part of ‘As Cold As Thorns’ – now, the secret of The Black Rose will finally be unveiled!

Nightmares, hallucinations, strange happenings and impossible love have all been traits of As Cold As Thorns contrasting with sarcasm, narcissism, art and extravagance. There is a mystery in the story – the key to everything and that is the infamous, elusive Black Rose.

But what really is the Black Rose? Which powers does it possess?

Henrique, the protagonist, goes through a transformation, from a bright artistic mind and kind, cordial man to someone cold, tormented and shrouded in darkness. Is it love, madness or something else inflicting him this pain and twisted state of mind? Read more