Tragic Books: Artsy Gifts for the Holidays and… Thank You!

Tragic Books publishes Dark Fiction and Art Books, using self-publishing platforms and POD (print on demand) technology. TB brings culture and art to readers worldwide in an affordable and accessible way. December is a season for gifting. Why not gift yourself or someone you care with one of TB titles?


If you’re under a tight budget, TB E-Books are highly entertaining and packed with illustrations/photographs and can be enjoyed on most (if not all) devices.


Looking for something more exclusive? You have a little extra to invest in a special gift? TB has beautiful paperbacks and hardcover books with special layout. Eye candy books and a special feel for the hands of art lovers.


Not looking for a gift, but like the idea of what TB does? Help spreading the word. Share about Tragic Books on your social media and feel happy by doing a good action! 🙂


Who helps Tragic Books continue with its mission and bring about new books? YOU. You, dear reader, is the reason why TB is growing strong roots in the indie publishing industry. Without further ado, TB wishes you a fantastic holiday season, with much fun and all the best life has to offer!

Thank you for your support – you rock! \m/

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