Thank you for your support & Happy Holidays!

So how is your December rush going? Do you have special plans for the holiday season? How do you celebrate Christmas and New Year?

For me, November and December have been very busy! As most of you  know, I write, edit and publish on my free time, which means I have a day job to help paying the bills. What do I do for a living? I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer, and I have been doing mostly Fantasy book covers for indie authors and publishing houses for the past 6 years (and before that, I did graphic design for different forms of advertisement in the heavy metal/alternative music niche). And for the past one and a half year I have also worked as art teacher at the local school.

These past three months, I have contacted my clients and told them I am stopping doing book covers so I can pursue the career which I have always dreamed about: be an independent artist. Long story made short: has been a tough decision and difficult transition for me. But in 2018 I will start the year doing what I love most, which is teaching and producing independent art. I will better invest time on writing and illustrating Gothic Fiction books and producing new artworks for my portfolio and  can’t wait to share them with you guys!

I am also starting Tragic Books YouTube Channel in January! Yeah! It will focus on Gothic Books reviews, Writing and Self-Publishing, and a sneak-peek into my book projects and some vlogging. That will be my way to support more of our ‘dark’ community as well as help aspiring writers – who like me, wish to have their work published independently.

It’s a lot to think about during these holidays, which I plan to spend home, with peace and quiet together with my husband. ^.^ We don’t have religion, but we like to enjoy the season nonetheless.

So last, but not least… THANK YOU! Seriously! Thank you guys for your support! I am very fortunate that you have taken the time to read, share or purchase my stories! Means a lot for someone who started out from zero!
Happy Holidays, take care and have fun! 🙂

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