See what is coming next & valentine’s Promos

Hell-o, darklings! Hope all of you have started 2018 in great style! Do you use to make plans for the year ahead or resolutions? Do you make wishes?

I usually make wishes and some planning/strategy. So now I have several things in motion to bring some projects to life. Here are some of them:

– Pere Lachaise – The Art of The French Cemetery (as announced on the Gothic Beauty article is under production, and if all goes as planned, will be published this late Spring.

– As Black As Ice (As Cold As Thorns, book#2) is being written, edited, and beta read, all at the same time and also scheduled for late Spring/Summer publishing. My dear newsletter subscribers will have access to a free e-book copy when this title is out!

– YouTube channel, almost there! I planned to launch it this month… It won’t be possible. But stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, and you may have a surprise! 😉

– An idea for a free story in video format. I’ve been dreaming about making an illustrated book for adults, narrating a girl’s nightmare and most recently, I’ve been asking myself what it would look (and sound) like it was made in video format. How would you, as a fan of books, like such a project? Let me know your opinion. I’d like to publish it later this year, around Autumn.

– New Gothic novel ideas – I have now several ideas for new illustrated gothic novels, which I hope to start writing this year and publish from the next year on. They will be within the subgenres Steampunk, Traditional Gothic and Urban Gothic. I will share more with you in time.

So, hope you have a brilliant year ahead, with much love, great ideas and creations and much success on your endeavours. Thank you for your support! 🙂



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