Youtube Channel Launch, Free Gothic Music Download & More!

Hell-o, dear dark souls! Hope February has treated you right and that you had a cozy Valentine’s, if you celebrate this Holiday. 🙂

I am very happy to start this journey talking about my books, discussing self-publishing, writing and of course, doing Gothic Books reviews! And I hope this channel will be both entertaining and helpful to you.

In the first video I am talking about The Night of Elisa – how the book was born and the process behind it writing & publishing it. It is scheduled for TODAY, Saturday 24th Feb, 8:00 PM or 20:00 hrs OSLO time, or GMT + 0100. I’m looking forward to seeing you there and hearing from you!

Here’s the link for the scheduled video:


Blood Pack Vol 5 – Music Download

Every year, Sean Paulfrey, the mastermind behind Intravenous Magazine, publishes a collection of indie Gothic Music . And now, celebrating the webzine’s 5th birthday, you have a massive 24 tracks to listen at your pleasure.

The album features names such as Angelspit, The Gothsicles, Deadfilmstar, Sounds Like Winter, Noir, Hardcore Pong, Cynical Existence, Veil of Thorns, Cold Therapy, and Chiron plus many more exclusive and unreleased tracks from international gothic, industrial and electronic bands. It also comes with an A4 PDF booklet containing bios and links for all the bands who have kindly donated a track.

Download it for FREE at Bandcamp:

The webzine has also revamped their looks, check out their new, beautiful fresh layout: and get updated on the dark side of music, entertainment and books.

caroline.jpgCheck out Caroline’s Blog She reviewed 3 of  books and she is a Norwegian girl who loves hair, make-up, goth and black metal!

I have visited it a few times, since we got to know each other recently, and I love her style and creativity. You find a lot of nice tips and product reviews at her blog. ^.^ Thank you so much for your support, dear Caroline!

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