Summer, new subscribers, new book sample and Kindle Unlimited

Summer can be that time of the year where dark souls like me or you can feel some cognitive dissonance when we have to go out in the sun. We love the shadows, cold and darkness, so getting in contact with the warmth, the light and the sun heat of the Summer is that deliciously unpleasant pleasantry! 😉

What have you been doing?

I have been working on a new art portfolio (since that’s what I live of as illustrator/painter), I have also been writing/editing and finalizing As Black As Ice – the final part of As Cold As Thorns. I have been dreaming about new stories, which I hope to start writing very soon.

AS BLACK AS ICE OFFICIAL COVER WEB-3chaptersThank you, new and old subscribers!

The past months we gained some many new subscribers! Thank you so much for joining the spooky family! I hope you will enjoy your stay and the all the new upcoming stories.

As Black As Ice – Download first 3 – Exclusively for Subscribers!

As Black as Ice is the second and final part of As Cold As Thorns and if you are one of those who have subscribed to my newsletter and have supported my work, I have shared with you in FIRST HAND the first 3 chapters of this second book in the duology! (See today’s newsletter, soon on your e-mail inbox!)  This is not the final edit – but close enough.  Also notice the chapter number starts where the previous book left, rather than from I, II, III and so on.


As Cold AS Thorns – Full Book – Exclusively for Subscribers!

And for all my newsletter subscribers, if you have missed the link to download the FULL BOOK – I sent also the link to download the full book. Hope you enjoy the read!


Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Now, The Night of Elisa, As Cold As Thorns and Valencia Noir are available on these Kindle programs. It means that you can now lend them to your friends and read it without having to purchasing them. Just search for these titles and have a great time!

Cover reveal: As Black As Ice

Dear visitors of this website, it has been a while since I did a blogpost, that’s because, besides much work, I have traveled to France and Portugal, to attend two Computer Graphics events with focus on Concept Art/VFX/Animation and 3Dart, I worked and studied at these events – which were a great place to be since I live out of digital illustration/concept art.

Now, onto Gothic Books… Today I am revealing to you the cover of ‘AS Black As Ice’ – the final part of ‘As Cold As Thorns’ novel. I painted it myself and hope you enjoy it 🙂


Most likely this novel will be released during Autumn this year, so stay tuned!

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Youtube Channel Launch, Free Gothic Music Download & More!

Hell-o, dear dark souls! Hope February has treated you right and that you had a cozy Valentine’s, if you celebrate this Holiday. 🙂

I am very happy to start this journey talking about my books, discussing self-publishing, writing and of course, doing Gothic Books reviews! And I hope this channel will be both entertaining and helpful to you.

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See what is coming next & valentine’s Promos

Hell-o, darklings! Hope all of you have started 2018 in great style! Do you use to make plans for the year ahead or resolutions? Do you make wishes?

I usually make wishes and some planning/strategy. So now I have several things in motion to bring some projects to life. Here are some of them:

– Pere Lachaise – The Art of The French Cemetery (as announced on the Gothic Beauty article is under production, and if all goes as planned, will be published this late Spring.

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Thank you for your support & Happy Holidays!

So how is your December rush going? Do you have special plans for the holiday season? How do you celebrate Christmas and New Year?

For me, November and December have been very busy! As most of you  know, I write, edit and publish on my free time, which means I have a day job to help paying the bills. What do I do for a living? I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer, and I have been doing mostly Fantasy book covers for indie authors and publishing houses for the past 6 years (and before that, I did graphic design for different forms of advertisement in the heavy metal/alternative music niche). And for the past one and a half year I have also worked as art teacher at the local school.

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I have just been featured at Gothic Beauty Magazine – and Happy Halloween!!!

Good morning, darklings! Hope all of you have started your week in a great dark mood! 😉 Halloween and The Day of The Dead are in the air… And I am evilly happy in sharing with you a great news!

Something that means a great lot to me, a huge milestone: my books and I have been featured at the awesome Gothic Beauty Magazine! Read more