The Night of Elisa

grbadgeadd“…A deeply satisfying read, a clever love story wrapped up in an extraordinary world ripe for a Tim Burton film treatment. “ Ginger Nuts of Horror


~ Corpse Bride meets Penny Dreadful ~

Sometimes, life and love can follow the most obscure paths, just as they did for Elisa.

Her life becomes a dark, cold, lonely cage the day the devil takes her as his wife. He robs her of almost everything she holds dear: her health, her wealth and what is left of her family.

Trapped between the nuances of life and beyond-life, Elisa finds herself struggling for a better tomorrow. With her health deteriorating, how will she summon the courage and strength to stand her ground? And how far will she go in the pursuit of a dream?

Embark with Elisa on this puzzling Gothic adventure set in the late Victorian era, between the world of the Living and the picturesque, melancholic Duskland.


Title: The Night of Elisa
Word count: 55.000 words
First publishing date: 8th September, 2014

208 pages, Trade paper, 6×9 or 15×23 cm
Paperback ISBN: 9781519169945
Hardcover ISBN: 9781367510418

E-Pub ISBN: 9781310302299

Illustrations: Black & White pencil sketches and drawings

Genre: The Night of Elisa is first and furthermost Victorian Gothic, but can also fit within other genres such as Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery and Occult.

Parental guidance: for 16+ | Contains blood, nudity and dark themes.


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